Our Services

Let's get to the heart of the matter...


Business Analysis

If you manage your business by gut feeling:

- You're concerned every week about payroll
- Your employees make more than you, working less
- Your workload has increased, but your profits haven't

Through our Analysis, we find out why.

Hourly Consulting

When you engage Cornerstone Business Solutions for consulting, we come on-site or virtually. We are hands-on to implement changes and see them through.

We work directly with you and are available in real-time.

Belfield Management Solutions

Our newest service, this is where we've pooled all of our knowledge and make it available to you, in a 15-lesson series called Foundations for Business Success. You learn on your time and pace.
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Fixed-Rate Virtual Consulting

This is just the same as hourly, but is distributed in smaller doses over an extended period of time. We've found this service works very well for many of our smaller clients.

Our Partners

To compliment our own services, we have created strategic partnerships with some of the most talented companies in their industries. As we work together, their talents can be available to you. We have everything a company can possibility need in one location.

Copy Cat

They write original copy and content to help businesses grow. They understand what it means to communicate with clients and prospects.

Their services include:

  • Blog Posts and Articles
  • Copy Editing
  • Website Audits
  • Copy and Content for Your Website

Play Frey Technologies, LLC

Play Frey Technologies, LLC is a Web Development company focused on doing one thing and one thing well: The production of high quality, high performing websites.

Over 10 years development experience, 8 years design experience and 6 years refining their method, there isn’t a better company who can produce a high quality site with such grace and efficiency.

Their services include:

  • Web Development and Design
  • Custom Online Applications

Preston Consulting Group

To interact, to engage with, to respond; these are the things that their customers want from their products. Their customers want to move away from static presentations and show their learners the dynamic excitement they bring to the market.

They create e-learning that engages the user, dynamic interactions that make learning about your company enjoyable to readers, and intuitive blended learning.


Their services include:

  • Custom e-learning development
  • Video production
  • Voice over services
  • Graphic design
  • LMS hosting and administration