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Our Method

Our Method

Step #1:
A Cup of Coffee

Meet with one of our National Marketing Directors on-site or virtually. We have an honest conversation to see if we can provide benefit.

Step #2:
The Analysis

We'll send a senior business analyst to meet with you on-site or virtually. After two days they will show you exactly what profit opportunities are available. If you're not completely satisfied, there's no cost for the analysis.

Step #3:
The Findings Report

We have a conversation on the precise opportunity areas and prepare a written report. This report includes opportunities for increased profitability, efficiency, and cost controls, along with a written project recommendation.

Step #4:
The Implementation

Ownership maintains control, any recommended changes are discussed in advance and approved before implementation. As recommendations and controls are put into place, your business and the role you want to have in it becomes a reality.

Step #5:
The Guarantee

If we cannot guarantee a $2 return for every $1 invested in consulting within a 12 month period, we will not recommend any business impact solutions.
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